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Directed by Eric Darnell
Tim Johnson
Produced by Brad Lewis
Aron Warner
Written by Todd Alcott
Chris Weitz
Paul Weitz
Starring Woody Allen
Dan Aykroyd
Anne Bancroft
Sharon Stone
Gene Hackman
Sylvester Stallone
Christopher Walken
Danny Glover
Music by Harry Gregson-Williams
John Powell
Editing by Stan Webb
Studio Pacific Data Images
Distributed by DreamWorks
Release date(s) October 2, 1998
Running time 83 min
Country United States
Language English
Budget $60,000,000
Gross revenue $171,757,863

Main cast:
Woody Allen as Z, a meek but individualistic worker ant and the protagonist of the film. He switches places with Weaver and falls in love with Princess Bala.
Sharon Stone as Princess Bala, the daughter of the Queen Ant. She is initially engaged to General Mandible, but falls in love with Z.
Gene Hackman as General Mandible, the villain of the film. Mandible envisions a colony as being inhabited by the "strong elements", and seeks to fulfill the vision by sending the soldiers on a suicide mission and having the workers dig a tunnel to their own doom.
Sylvester Stallone as Weaver, a soldier ant and Z's best friend.
Jennifer Lopez as Azteca, a worker ant who eventually becomes Weaver's girlfriend.
Christopher Walken as Colonel Cutter, Mandible's deputy. He obeys Mandible's every command, but ultimately turns against him when Mandible tries to kill the worker ants.
antz running
antz running
antz 5
antz 5
antz 3
antz 3

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